Anonymous inquired:

can the characters be gay?

Of course they can! Sexuality was known to be really fluid and wibbly-wobbly among the Greek gods. 

-Admin R

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Anonymous inquired:

do you guys need a co-admin? I'd be more than happy to help

It’s sweet of you to offer, love, but I think the two of us have everything handled! Thanks very much, though.

-Admin E

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Anonymous inquired:

what upcomming fcs do you have planned for future goddesses?

We don’t have anything planned as far as future goddesses until some of our current ones are filled! 

-Admin R

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Please unfollow the following blogs as they have either been inactive for a week or had to leave the roleplay for personal reasons:

The following blogs are on activity notice and need to post within the next 24 hours in order to keep their place in the roleplay:

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Sophie Kristos | 22 | Human, Oracle | FC: Emilia Clarke | Open

Sophie was never an exceptional woman. Fresh out of college, she joined her cohorts in the unemployment line, searching for a job with her newfound degree in English. Nothing about her was special, not until she was visited in her dreams by Apollo. At first, Sophie didn’t think anything of it- she was a skeptic- and figured it was only a dream… until she began to see things, things she couldn’t understand and definitely couldn’t explain. It was just as Apollo had told her; but why was it happening? What could the purpose of her foresight be aside from a nagging headache?

Admin Note: This is another very important character, as her RPer will be asked to write plot-related prophecies at multiple points throughout the storyline. We definitely need someone committed (and poetically inclined) to take on this role. To be sure, we’re requesting that whoever decides to apply for this role includes some sort of prophecy in their para sample. Thanks!

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Anonymous inquired:

This roleplay is way beyond awesome. The facelciams are at the perfect border of evocative and under-used, so I don't really get that complaint, to say the least. Anyways, given that real life seems to take its toll on all of us (quite the needy thing, isn't it?) I fully understand you're busy and I don't want to make any pressures, but can I perhaps get an estimation as to when the next batch of chars is posted?

Oh, thank you so much! Like I said, we’re trying to keep away from using overly-popular faceclaims. It’s better to slowly attract members who are willing to use our current FCs than to constantly change face claims until they don’t fit the characters anymore, simply for the sake of getting new members. Honestly? We don’t have a set date for the new batch- 1) because we’re both very busy right now and 2) we need to get some more roles filled from what we have now (Zeus, especially, as he is imperative to the plot; and we recently lost our Sophie due to personal issues, so we’ll need her, as well) before putting out any more bios.

-Admin E

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Hi, guys!

So, I think it’s high-time that we address a few issues that we’ve been asked about a few times, just so we can clear things up a bit. First off, I’m sorry for R and I’s lack of activity recently, we’ve both been dealing with a lot in our personal lives- I’m in the process of moving up to college and being an adult all around, so that’s kind of had my focus as of recently, and R is visiting family. However, we’re going to be back to our usual activity soon enough! Also, I’d like to apologize for not updating the main page where it says if we’re online or not; it’s a tiny mistake, really, but it can go a long way to some people, I suppose. We’re going to be better about keeping that correct from now on. On the flip side, though, is the fact that we do often check the main blog while online and simply don’t have any questions or applications to worry about. Since we have a promo page set up for us, we’ve stopped promoting on the main page, as it can be distracting on the blog itself and annoying for our players to have to scroll past, so we’ve been keeping the Admin Notes to a minimum.

Secondly, I wanted to talk about Face Claims, as this has been a pressing topic from many people. When we choose our face claims, we do our best to pick people that fit the roles the way we see them, not by picking the most popular or common FCs for the sake of getting applicants. The truth is, while an FC does matter, it isn’t about the face- it’s about the characters. When someone applies for a role here, we want them to be passionate about the character- their quirks, their faults, their likes, dislikes, ect- not who their playby is. And, though we do accept FC changes (within reason, anyway), we typically like to keep the FCs we’ve chosen because we worked so hard trying to figure them out. Trust me when I say it, we try to throw popular FCs in there when we can, but we don’t want to be like every other roleplay using the same old face claims (I don’t even need to list them, you all know who they are). We don’t have to be a huge group with 50 people, all of whom have face claims seen in dozens of other roleplays; the intimacy of this roleplay is a wonderful thing, and I think that in itself should warrant an application, even if an FC doesn’t- though, like I said; you can always apply and request an FC change, within reason.

Finally, we have the issue of people being included. This is more for our current players than anything, but I decided to put it in this post because it goes along with all of the other important things I have to say. I’ve warned everyone about this before- talk to everyone. It’s not a joke, it’s not a request. Do it. Even if you don’t think you have anything to talk about, even if they’re human and you’re a god- talk to them. Don’t make people feel neglected because you just “don’t know what to say.” I’ve been guilty of this, too, but I’ve also been on the receiving end, and it feels really sucky. So, yeah, please make sure to reply to everyone. We have a tag- which you’re supposed to be tracking- for a reason; it’s so that, no matter when it’s posted, you can go into that tag, see who’s put up a starter, and reply to it. It isn’t that hard, we’re not asking you to reply with an 1,000 character para, but a gif chat would be nice. I know open paras don’t always go so well, so my suggestion to everyone would be to message people and start plotting! This goes for everyone. Plotted paras typically go a lot father than open ones, just because your characters aren’t simply meandering about, there’s a purpose, an intent, behind it. You don’t have to do this, but I definitely think it’ll be better for the roleplay as a whole if you do.

Alright, rant over. I think that covers just about everything, and I hope that answered everyone’s questions / helped everyone who was concerned out. Oh, and, by the way, we’re going to have an activity check in a few days to see if we need to reopen roles or not. If you’re active in the OOC blog and not on the dash, we’re not going to reopen your role because you’re clearly still around. If you’re not, however, and we don’t see activity from your character or receive a message from you, you will be removed from the roleplay so we can try and find someone more active to take that part. For the players reading this, please like this post so I know you’ve read it through. If you want to know anything else, whether you’re one of our current players or not, please don’t hesitate to message us. And, of course, what kind of admin would I be if I didn’t close this endless rampage with some shameless self-promotion? Go on, check out our open male and female roles, we’ve got plenty of them and would definitely love to see you! That’s all for now, mortals! We look forward to hearing from you.

-Admin E

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Anonymous inquired:

can i suggest a rachel bilson and ksenia solo fc? :)

You certainly may! Rachel tends to be a bit overused, but Ksenia is absolutely stunning and I’m sure we could find a place for her in our next batch of characters. :)

-Admin E

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Anonymous inquired:

This roleplay looks incredible! But none of your faceclaims really appeal to me. Maybe you should think about making more bios with possibly more main stream fc's like Dylan O'Brien, Shay Mitchell, Nicholas Hoult, Nina Dobrev or Keegan Allen? I know main stream can be kinda, well, main stream but some people love it and I think it'll attract more applicants!

We’re going to wait until some of our open roles fill up before we come up with more bios. We usually like to stick with FC’s that really work for the character, so if some of those end up working for a certain part, you’ll be sure to see it! 

-Admin R

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