Zeus | King of the gods, God of the Sky | FC: Leonardo DiCaprio | Open

The king of the gods, Zeus is the most powerful immortal in all of Olympus. Zeus is god of the sky and thunder, having beat his two elder brothers in which realm he was to control. He is a serious man, but is not without his more relaxed pleasures. The amount of women and men Zeus has been linked to is nearly uncountable, and his offspring make up nearly two-thirds of all of the Olympians. Zeus believes that, as king, he can handle anything on his own and does not need the help of others. He is hard headed and stubborn, and often believes that everything should constantly go his way. Zeus has decided to keep the reawakening of the titans a secret from everyone else. He believes he can handle the titans himself, and keep them silenced in the depths of Tartarus.

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